Afford Your Care

Does your office accept my dental insurance?

Stinauer Family Dentistry accepts coverage from nearly all dental insurance plans. We are not a PPO for any one insurance plan, though almost all PPO plans have 100% coverage for cleanings and x-rays at our office. We also provide above adequate coverage for other procedures under PPO plans.

How do I know what my insurance will cover?

Almost all dental insurance will cover preventative care at 100% coverage. This includes a cleaning, exam and annual x-rays. For all other treatment your coverage may vary.

Navigating through your insurance benefits can be a challenging task. The more familiarized you are with your own benefits the better our office can serve you. Our office is more than happy to help you should you need it.

Coverage details you SHOULD know:

  • Annual maximum amount available per year
  • Does your plan have a deductible? If so, how much is it?
  • Is coverage based on Calendar Year or Fiscal Year?
  • Basic treatment coverage %
  • Major treatment coverage %

What forms of payment does your office accept?

Our office accepts many forms of payment including cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards. For substantial treatment needs our office can set up payment plans in a variety of ways including automatic withdrawal or charge.

What if I don't have dental insurance?

A very large percentage of our patients do not have any form of dental insurance. Our patients recognize the importance of frequent dental checkups and cleanings to prevent minor conditions from becoming major. Oral health has a vital role in the overall health of your body. Most dental conditions, if present, worsen over time and can be more difficult and costly to treat in advanced stages. A dental cleaning and checkup every six months is the best insurance you can have for good oral health.